Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pretty Little Camera

This was a great camera to learn on and it has something you don't see on many digital cameras: physical controls. It has a real aperture ring, shutter dial, and exposure compensation, not to mention on the back is a 4-way wheel and the various menu buttons. The real party trick is moving the aperture ring and shutter speed dial while a beautiful EFV (electronic view-finder) shows you exposure changes in real time, before you even take the picture!

This shot of my old Lumix LX-100 was taken with a Samsung S5 phone. Then I opened the JPEG in Lightroom and went crazy with the sliders: contrast +50, highlights -100, dehaze +50, and I bumped down whites and blacks a bit, playing to that retro patina look while trying to maintain the inner lens detail. 

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