Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rain, Light, Moment

I snapped this walking home the other night, the interplay of light in the rain really caught my eye. I missed the "decisive moment" - a second sooner and the figure would have been walking in front of the car headlight casting a dramatic shadow. I like the lighting of this scene. See the waterfall and puddle on the left? That shop's roof always pours when it rains, right there. Maybe during the next storm I'll go back to this spot and try again.

My always-in-pocket Ricoh GR II was set to TaV (I set the aperture and shutter speed, the camera sets ISO) at f/4 and 1/80sec. The camera chose ISO 8000 for this scene. At f/4 I can still use a preset zone focus biased towards infinity. Without autofocus the camera has a near-instantaneous response so the only reason to miss that "decisive moment" is I was just too slow this time.

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