Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jeeping it up in Utah

If you take a road trip through Utah and stick to the highways you're missing out. In fact, the fewer paved roads the better. With a 4x4 you can go places like Cottonwood Canyon Road, clearly marked high ground clearance vehicles only, not that everyone listens. You could conceivably do this in a regular car, but a Jeep makes it easier, more comfortable. Same with the unpaved BLM roads, totally doable in any car, but a rough dirt road like this, to a Jeep, is like any road. You can drive normally on unusual roads. You can ride in comfort and confidence. And there isn't a bit of pavement in this entire photo sequence.

Entering Cottonwood Canyon Road from the south, a sign alerts you to the fact that you're exiting the pavement of Highway 89 and entering an unimproved road into a greatly improved adventure.

Elsewhere in Escalante, a Jeep gets you the last mile to the trailhead of Peek-a-boo and Spooky slot canyons.

Who needs an RV? We made our own! Sort of. This configuration is just for moving campsites, not recommended for highway use.

Settled into the campground, our little Jeep looks right at home.

Goodnight, campers.

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