Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cataract Falls Loop Trail on a less-than-perfect Sunday

Hey let's meet for a hike! How's the weather forecast? Rain and storms again? Eh, that isn't always accurate. Look, I found a different weather app with a better forecast. Only "mostly cloudy!" Surely we won't get rained on, snowed on, hailed on, find the road closed, and stand around wondering what to do.

So what to do what to do... check the AllTrails app and...

Another trailhead! We found our way into the forest.

We came to a river.
We crossed the river.

We went up, we went down. Many, many times. It was muddy, it was steep, there were stairs, in some places there was a guardrail. That's some good trail work. Thanks, park people!
We climbed over and under fallen trees. 

We saw waterfalls.

Waterfalls, plural.

The sun came out.

And we ascended into the light.

We took a group photo.

We took another group photo.

That feeling of accomplishment after an epic hike? Yeah, it's like that.

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