Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sketches of Napa in Springtime

It was a lovely early spring day in Napa, the first nice day after a long winter of cold and rain. The vines were dormant, simple rows of sticks, but the grass was green and flowers in bloom.

And so rain ponchos and down jackets were traded for short sleeves and sun dresses and two friends agreed to meet for wine.

One loved horses, one loved hiking. Both loved the fresh new weather.

And so they decided to convene at a local winery.

They drank and talked of friends and lovers, summer homes and winter blues and how today's wine was free and how lucky it all is.

It turned out to be a beautiful day.

A beautiful day for wine and conversation.

And so the afternoon rolled into evening and all was well. In nearby Lake Berryessa, overflow from recent rains drained down below the dam and into the river like someone pulled the plug on a giant bathtub. Sky and water lit up with the colors of the setting sun.

The End.

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