Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sunset Study #1: The Local Park

After work I saw the sky full of high, wispy clouds and I could tell it was going to be a good sunset. I had about two hours so I went to a nearby park featuring a big hill overlooking the bay, the city, the golden gate. Claremont Canyon. Canon 6D with a 17-40mm ultra-wide zoom.

New hiking shoes, trying them for the first time and they work great. After many many tries I may have finally found the perfect shoes for me. The hill was steep, and then the next hill even steeper. Between was this view.

And flowers were in bloom. I don't know flowers, but I know pretty.

And the bees were busy. Bee happy, bee better, bee yourself. To get this shot at 17mm - ultra wide angle, I had to get in close, in the middle of a little swarm. A little nervous but the bees were busy with flowers and didn't bother me. Much.

Then the sun set behind the city. Switch to a 70-300mm telephoto.

Not quite behind the city, nor behind the bridge and farther to the right, behind the hills. But the light, that refracted sunlight spread around the horizon in golden red hues.

The sky faded to dark and the city lights came on.

It got darker, and I went home.

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